About us

What IS the U3A? Well, for a start, the name is an abbreviation of ‘University of the Third Age’. The ‘Third Age’ is straightforward enough – it’s people who are old enough not to be in full time employment any longer.

‘University’ needs a little more explanation. In our case, it’s not an academic institution awarding degrees or any other formal qualifications. Nor are formal qualifications needed to join.

Instead, the U3A is formed of people who want to share knowledge and experience and to take part in joint activities. Our aim is to provide opportunities for members to share skills in a welcoming and sociable atmosphere. Making new friends is an added bonus!

It’s important to stress that the U3A has no paid staff. It’s entirely run by people prepared to give their time and energy to the organisation. They may run group activities, they may help with committee work – booking venues, recording membership details, managing the finances – or they may help with refreshments at our numerous gatherings. Without such volunteers, the U3A would not exist. So, though there is no requirement for members to do more than attend group activities or our monthly meetings, there is a gentle pressure on them to ‘give’ as well as ‘take’ if they can.

At the moment we have over 1800 members and usually have about 120 group activities ranging from archaeology to yoga. To take part, members pay a modest annual subscription – for the year 20-21 the Trustees have agreed that there will be a NIL membership fee – with a smaller Term fee for each group you join. We have three terms each year, starting on August 1st.

So if you are retired and interested in joining our active and fun organisation, do browse this website to find out more then, please complete the contact form which you’ll find if you click here.


Note that we have a reduced number of groups running owing to the Covid 19 restrictions.

To see which groups are currently running  click here to see the prospectus.

Availability of groups will depend on  current Government Guidance, please click here to go to the Enquiry page  if you have a question or require more information.

We look forward to welcoming you as a member.