FRIDAY 21st & THURSDAY 27th AUG 2020



Our Virtual Quiz development Team and a group of very patient and persevering testers have been hard at work since our last Quiz to provide an improved Virtual Quiz experience for us.

Much has been learned from our first experience and we are looking forward to having a full-scale quarterly Quiz in September.

In order to properly test the amended Virtual Quiz process, the Quiz Group have decided to limit the size of the first Quiz to 8 teams of 4 quizzers plus a ‘Zoom Operator’ who will be added to the team by the organisers a total of 40 members.

The role of the Zoom Operator is critical to the smooth processing of the quiz and to the enjoyment by all and requires a bit of training and some practice. (In the future we envisage teams having their own Zoom Operator after attending a short training session and a training quiz).

As we do not want to disappoint our ‘regular quizzers’ who might miss out with the 40 limit, we have scheduled two ‘mini quizzes’ so hopefully you will be available to join us on one of those 2 dates.

If there are any spare places in either of the two quizzes, we will allocate from those who indicated that quiz date as a second choice, so if you are available please do indicate both preferred date and second choice date.

Teams are optional and if you are not part of a team we will allocate you in groups of 4 members.


For Quiz participants the only requirements are:

  • You have a device with audio and video

  • We are able to allocate you automatically into a Zoom breakout room.

To do this requires you to:

  • have opened an account with Zoom

  • provide us the email with which you have opened the account with Zoom

  • ensure that you are on the latest Zoom version.

In the week preceding the Quiz we will schedule brief test meetings (10-15mins) to confirm that we are able to successfully assign you to a breakout room.


  1. Please click on https://www.cu3a.co.uk/quiz/quiz_online_booking.php to register and book your place. You can nominate additional members to play together with you in a team, although each member should complete the form.

Closing dates are Friday 14th August for Quiz1 and Thursday 20th August for Quiz2

  1. Bookings are on a first come first served basis.

  2. Zoom invitation details will be sent out before the quiz

  3. If you need any help with Zoom setup or have any Zoom related questions please feel free to email cu3avgroups1@gmail.com for support.

  4. There is no entry fee and there will be no prizes and the session will be for honours only

  5. For any Quiz related queries please email cambu3aquiz@gmail.com

We look forward to you joining us